Email is no longer enough!

Our world today demands so much more than simply sending an email from one person to one another.

Moving forward, we want to collaborate – share our ideas, transfer information and stretch our abilities further.

Well, the ninjas at LSD would like to welcome you to the wonderful world of Zimbra.

Backed by Telligent, Zimbra is the collaboration tool for business of every size. Designed to grow with your business, Zimbra can accommodate varying numbers of users – from 25 to hundreds of thousands – even millions.

With an advanced AJAX-powered web front-end, Zimbra will also take care of your mobile headaches – no fat client required. And for those of you who really, really want one, Zimbra does come with a desktop client option.

But wait, there’s more!

Take your scheduling to the next level

With a rich, calendar interface, Zimbra gives you total control over your scheduling. Now you can create multiple calendars and control access to who sees which appointments, as well as control who can modify those calendars. And because end-users now have total control over their scheduling – and the calendar interface – your IT administrators will now have at least one less thing they have to manage!

Got milk?

With Zimbra, you’ll have no excuse for forgetting the milk, or not completing that report. Well unless you just got a copy of Diablo III that is, in which case we suggest a doctor’s note *grin*

The endlessly configurable options in Zimbra allow you to assign and distribute tasks to multiple people – with just one click.

Sharing is caring

With Zimbra – all of it can be shared.

“What? With who?”

All of it – with anyone you want.

You decide on and control your level of privacy: completely limit access to your info, share it only with your PA (you lucky thing you), or allow multiple users to see, edit or control your information. No more excuses about not knowing your schedule, or not being able to “reach” you for info.

Get rid of your mobile headaches once and for all!

Have a phone do you?

Zimbra happily plugs into all IMAP/POP/MAPI enabled phones.

And what about tablet devices?

Zimbra works with them too – from iPads to Galaxy Tabs, Playbooks and more, Zimbra’s controlled policies enable users to utilise any device they have, to connect to the Zimbra framework.

And what about our sensitive company information?

Covered. Zimbra even allows you to force devices to have lock screen and passwords enabled. And with it’s cool remote-wipe functionality, Zimbra lets you rest easy that you can remotely wipe any Zimbra-related data on a stolen or missing device – ensuring your IP never falls into the wrong hands.

An easy-to-implement alternative to Microsoft Exchange

Zimbra not only goes head-to-head with Exchange, it also has a few neat and handy new tricks up its sleeve.

With built in, easy-to-use migration tools, Zimbra makes migrating away from your current Exchange server child’s play.

For the die-hards though, Zimbra also includes Outlook connectors.

End-users who love their Outlook won’t even have the slightest inkling that you’ve made the switch: they can use Outlook in all its glory, while your back-end is transformed into a collaboration machine.

That’s right – it’s open source

For all the geeks and community lovers out there, Zimbra is open source. Effectively, this means that Zimbra is built for Linux, and supports the enterprise versions of Linux, such as Red Hat, Ubuntu & SUSE.

Head in the cloud?

Looking to procure hardware? How about some more software licenses? And what about support? You keen to hire more people, and invest time and money in training up the old to look after this wonderful new system?

If you or any of your closest friends shouted "HELL NO!" to any of those questions, then your answer is up in the cloud .

The LSD ninjas will help you make the easy and seamless transition to Zimbra, by putting your new collaboration solution into the cloud – and they’ll get it done so quickly, you won’t even know they were there!

That means that we not only take care of all the IT headaches that go along with email, calendars, sharing, mobile support & tasks, we also take care of the responsibility and worries. So you get to enjoy nothing but open, clear skies – and seamless collaboration!